Experiencing another dimension
As you make a day of your visit to Pier 39, you've got to escape reality and check out the 7D Experience.
"Do you want to shoot some zombies?" I'm asked upon my arrival. My answer: Sure, what the hell.
I'm escorted into what looks like rows of roller coaster seats. It's fairly dark but I'm handed glasses and a giant zombie zapper (an oversized video game gun). A few others are in the seats behind us as we get ready to eliminate werewolves, robots and other unsavory beings.
At first I thought we were all working together to defeat the people, uh, things, approaching us and popping up out of nowhere, but quickly I learned that I'm actually competing against my fellow creature killers. The game keeps score!
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Admittedly, I didn't do very well on the first go-round. I was more interested in the roller coaster experience to pay much attention to the 3D scenes playing out in front of us. Once I got my bearings and I figured out how everything worked with the laser gun, we went for a second round this time at what seemed to be a possessed carnival. Now, with fewer people in the rows of seats, I managed to do a little better with my score.

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Live Event
Top of The Charts and The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley broadcast from San Francisco for summer vacation
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After eliminating the threat to mankind at the 7D Experience, we walk over to enjoy a love story. Wait, it's actually a 3D love story. The vibe is significantly different at The Flyer.
As you head into the show, you hear of a love story that will soon take you on a journey through -- and high above -- San Francisco. The couple's relationship progresses to the point where a marriage proposal is on the way. Problem is, a pesky bird thwarts the plan. And with that, the chase is on.

You are strapped into your seat (that is constantly moving) and go on an adventure, following the bird with the ring in its mouth. The roller coaster effect takes you through the streets of San Francisco and through the forest. Along the way you're transported through downtown San Fran as you soar through the various landmarks.
I chat with a few other people taking in the experience. They're actually from the San Francisco area and said it's an incredible experience to virtually whip through the city with vantage points they'd never had before.
As part of the visit, you get a chance to pose for some photos that put you right in the middle of San Francisco's biggest tourist attractions. Naturally, you get some mementos from your visit. Great memories of your virtual visit -- and tour -- of San Francisco at The Flyer.

JB chats about the experience