Cruising the bay
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Live Event
The '90s tunes are playing. People are attempting to dance out on the boat deck but the wind makes that a challenge. Inside, protected from the elements, passengers are munching on some snacks and enjoying a glass of wine.
As we approach the bridge, the boat slows down a fair amount and we're able to capture some incredible images of the sun behind the iconic bridge as night falls. Once everyone gets just the right shot, we pass underneath the bridge before turning back and heading toward the dock.
Top of The Charts and The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley broadcast from San Francisco for summer vacation
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JB chats about the tour
It's at this point the party seems to kick into high gear. Suddenly it feels like there's a new energy now that the sun is gone and the stereo plays more sing-along songs. The pictures also get a little sillier. Some Europeans get in on the Titanic poses at the front of the boat. Those two guys were hilarious! I also lay down for a pose -- without spilling a single drop of wine, I should point out.
We return to the pier and everyone says goodbye to their new friends and I chat with the captain about all of the other tours Adventure Cat offers in the San Francisco area.